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Loft Conversions

Loft conversion blog imageLoft conversions are among the best investments you can make in creating more space for your growing family, setting up your new home office or simply to add value to your home if you are considering selling in the future.

Making loft conversion plans are also one of the most exciting home improvements home owners can make.  The prospect of adding a skylight, to watch the stars pass overhead or give yourself a great view is really uplifting and adds immeasurably to your quality of life.  Making use of previously under-utilised roof space adds storage space and a greater sense of space to the home.  A high quality London loft conversion can really make your home highly desirable too, should you decide to sell up later.

Loft space and attic conversions require a variety of professional skills and qualified tradespeople, including: builders, plasterers, electricians, plumbers and decorators.  Of course, if you are skilled at DIY, you can cut down on some of the costs of your home improvements.  However, loft conversion regulations mean there are some elements of work which pose health risks to your home or family.  At the very least, poor plumbing work in an attic space can lead to potential flooding of rooms below. At worst, wiring by anyone unqualified puts everyone visiting your home at risk of electrocution and even death. House fires are commonly caused by faulty wiring.   These aspects of your loft conversion plans require professional help from a company with a good reputation.

Some attic conversions can require additional work in terms of accessibility. Stairs for loft conversions in older Victorian homes, for instance, may offer limited space, requiring steep stairwells or pull down ladders.

Decoration also poses potential challenges.  For instance high walls can be impossible to decorate effectively or neatly at the uppermost edges which meet the ceiling. An acceptable finish is possible with the right kit, but contracting out to a painter and decorator ensures a professional finish and will be money well-invested.

Be aware, that part of your loft conversion plans must include consulting with the local authority. Planning permission can add a few hundred pounds to the cost of a loft conversion. Extensions into attic space can be costly, so be sure to get a few quotes.  A good builder will give you a free estimate.

To cut down on costs of home improvements, you can always undertake any work gradually, paying for each stage of work as and when you have the budget.  Re-mortgaging or a loan from the bank or building society is means you get all of the work done at once, minimising disruption and getting all work completed by a professional firm of builders faster. If budget is a concern to you, ask your local builder what options are available to you for completion of your attic room or loft conversion ideas.





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