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Kitchen Extensions

C:Workj h aj h a projects2011 05 No.22 Fairbrook LawnDrawings 2DStage 3LocationFBL-3-P-L-001 Website (1)When planning any home renovation or house refurbishment, a crucial consideration in any design plans will be to maintain some integrity with the historic architecture of a building.  In kitchen design and installation work this can provide particular challenges, especially where for instance, kitchen extensions on period buildings are concerned.

There is a balance to be struck between being loyal to a client’s contemporary home renovation ideas and planning restrictions in conservation areas.  Choice of modern or traditional materials can complement classic features and offer contemporary kitchen design without seeming out of place.

Double glazed kitchen extensions which give a view out onto a garden or extends into a yard space may one of the best investments you can make in improving your home.  Intelligent kitchen diner design with large glass expansions can look beautiful, whilst also insulating your home and additional space adds greatly to property value.

Where kitchens are below street level, use of double glazing extensions in your kitchen design ideas can bring more light and lift a dark space immeasurably.  It brings a modern, clean and spacious feel to what might otherwise be a dark space if you adhere strictly to existing brick materials. Double glazing feature windows and doors can add significantly to your extension project. Prices depend upon the scope of your plans and whether you are opting for patio doors or folding doors to replace a wall for instance.  A kitchen extension which maximises light will give an up-lifting and contemporary feel to what is essentially the heart of any home.

Here are some further kitchen design ideas you might want to consider if you are investing in a kitchen extension.

  • Install under-floor heating systems to future proof you against potential damp issues. Radiant electronic floor heating (a loose wire system) is a flexible option which can be tailored to your particular space.  Flooring insulation radiates upwards, so is perfect for basement kitchen extensions.
  • For further comfort, ask your kitchen designer about installation of a plinth heater at ankle level which will provide instant comfort on coming home out of the cold after work or early morning preparing breakfast for the family.
  • Lighting design also can add to the feeling of warmth in a kitchen. Energy saving halogen down-lights together with under unit lighting offer you different atmospheres for changing use of your space.  Extending lighting to outdoors also connects indoors to your garden space for warm evening dinner parties and BBQ’s.
  • Give careful consideration to floor surfaces. Given that you are extending your kitchen space, it is important that tones and textures work well with the overall feel.  This is as important as durability.  Porcelain ceramic flooring comes in a wide variety of colours and a good kitchen designer will be able to make recommendations.
  • Complement your floor tiles with ceramic kitchen wall tiles. Consider a single splash back above the sink for ease of maintenance.
  • Worktops and cupboards complete the overall kitchen design. Bonded oak block solid works well in both traditional and contemporary kitchens.  It is perfect for a kitchen island work surface; it is a material that can add to the warm feel of your new space.  Alternatively, consider granite, marble or resin.  Resins offer an almost limitless amount of colours, so you can really stamp your personal style on the kitchen.
  • Storage space is crucial in any home, especially where there is a busy family. Maximise space with under kitchen island cupboards, drawers under shelves or an overhanging rack to suspend pots and pans from.
  • Opt for soft closing cupboard doors. These withstand the harshest of use from people on the go.
  • Silver brushed steel plug sockets offer a comfortable and clean ambience essential to eating spaces.
  • Think about alternatives to traditional cookers. There is a fantastic array of beautiful gas range cookers these days and work well in modern and traditional kitchen designs.


A kitchen extension transforms your main working space and adds to your enjoyment of a better quality of life.  Bespoke kitchen designers can complete a classic aesthetic with totally modern functionality, given kitchen design materials and technology available nowadays, so there is no need to compromise on great design.

What you need more than anything when making one of the biggest investments in your home is reliability, recommendations or great reviews and to always check for membership of professional bodies. This can save a lot of wasted time and money, as well as allowing you to enjoy your new kitchen extension to the fullest.




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