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Image for the home renovation blogIf you have been experiencing circuits regularly tripping, or you seem to be changing fuses in domestic appliances all the time, the chances are your home has problems with faulty or old electrical wiring.  This often means an overhaul of your household electrical re-wiring in order to head off potentially devastating fires. Deteriorating cables and insulation are an inevitability of wear and tear over time and renewal might seem like you are about to suffer potentially significant ruination of your décor, or you can see house wiring work as an opportunity to completely rethink your interior design and plan for a complete makeover.

Following a full electrical inspection, some or all of the electrical wiring in your home may be needed; this is more often the case in an older property. At this time, you have a chance to talk through with interior design companies any ideas you have for home improvements and changing your interior decor.

Complete house wiring work offers an opportunity for additional power capacity, with new circuits and extra sockets.  New plug sockets and switches can now be placed more conveniently for your particular needs e.g. within easy reach for less mobile members of the family.  This is particularly important for the U.K.’s aging population and acute shortage of adequate housing for those with physical disabilities.


When Should You Consider Completely New House Wiring?

There are a number of reasons to investing in rewiring your home; here are some of them:

  • Rewiring is recommended every 20-25 years
  • Failed electrical inspections
  • Insurance specifications
  • Continual circuit trip outs or fuses blowing
  • Buzzing noises or heated electrical sockets
  • Electrical appliances turning on and off or lights flickering
  • Some areas of your home have electricity outages
  • Outdated and dangerous black rubber-coated wiring


Hiring a Home Refurbishment Company With Interior Design Expertise

Rewiring a house can be a massive job, as it requires floorboards lifting, walls hacking into and installation of whole new cables and sockets, so be sure to check the experience of any refurbishment company you speak to.  If they have interior design expertise, this is absolutely worth the investment as your home can be transformed and better suit your lifestyle. Check refurbishment companies out on line.  See if they have a portfolio, good reviews, or testimonials on their website and are affiliated to accredited trade associations. Ensure also that contractors are licensed and properly insured.

Hiring a local refurbishment company to redesign your home and make it fit for the future means they will be aware local building control requirements, which cuts down on your time and costs.


Three Important Tips For Home Refurbishment

  1. Be sure to get at least three quotes for house refurbishment costs for your home. The quotes should be clear, outlining everything that will be included in the work.
  2. Be sure also, to keep copy of your pre-works inspection report for potential insurance purposes and if you plan to sell your house in the future.
  3. Do your due diligence. Home refurbishment is a massive investment, so you want to be sure you are spending your money wisely.



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