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MasterPro Building Design, Regulations and Planning Permission Services

Planning applications and building regulations certificates have become increasingly complex over the years, complicated further by different criteria applied in different local authorities, whether you live in a conservation area and what type of property you are looking to redevelop.

MasterPro building design, regulations certificates and planning permission applications services can help simplify the process of your building projects to eliminate the stress and hassle of navigating bureaucracies.  It is what our structural engineers and architects do every day.

Why are Building Regulations and Planning Permissions needed?

Building regulations are design and construction standards which ensure your building’s safety.  They apply to alterations of property and most new builds. Standards are highly detailed, including specifications on materials used, levels of workmanship, structural issues, fire safety, sound insulation, energy and nature conservation, building access and end use of buildings.

Building Regulations and Planning Permissions

Building regulations apply to the detail of any construction and materials used.  Planning Permission is to do with how development takes place, i.e. the appearance of buildings, environmental impact, highway access and use of the building.

Building Regulations Drawings and Planning Drawings

Building regulations drawings are more detailed than planning drawings; they deal with detailed information about how your building projects are constructed. Good quality building regulations drawings tend to be highly technical. They will include construction notes to explain proposed construction methods of your building project.

Building regulations drawings help to realistically estimate the cost of any development works, because of their level of detail.

When Building Regulations Approval Apply

Nearly all types of building work require approval. In the Government Planning Portal, you can view interactive pictures of your property type to see where you require planning permissions and building regulations certification.

Typical property renovation works that require official approval include, but are not restricted to the following:

  • Building a new home or erecting a building
  • Building extensions or alterations e.g. attic or loft extension
  • Change of buildings use e.g. garage conversions
  • Internal structural alterations
  • Creating a new structural opening e.g. new window, patio doors, or through room
  • Cavity wall insulation
  • Underpinning a house
  • Installation of a WC

Generally speaking, if the work involved is structural then you probably require building approval from your local authority planning and building control department. MasterPro can also undertake these communications on your behalf.  Our engineers and architects will be aware of local planning restrictions within your particular area and will be familiar with the jargon used.

What Home Improvements Can I Make Without Needing Building Regulation Approval?

Some small building extensions are exempt from building regulations, including:

  • Conservatories,
  • Porches
  • Covered Passages / Yards
  • Carports with at least 2 open sides

The above list assume, however, that your new floor area is less than 30m2. Also, any glazing in conservatories or porches must still meet the requirements of Part N Building Regulations. Conservatories must have at least 75% glazing on the roof and 50% glazed walls and maintain existing walls, windows and doors from the existing house.

Other Building Regulations Exemptions Include:

detached single storey buildings (i.e. garages, sheds and greenhouses) with less than 15m2 floor area.  Sleeping accommodation in these buildings is not permitted. Buildings with a floor area between 15 – 30m2 are also exempt if they are built at least a single metre away from your site boundary, or otherwise be built of mainly non-combustible material.

How Do I Go About Getting Approval For My Property Renovation Plans?

There are two main ways to obtain building regulations approval: a full planning application or a building notice.

Full applications for extensive works need to include your completed application form, your fee and your detailed set of plans, which adequately explain how your proposed building project will meet the regulations. When MasterPro undertake this process for you, we will also any architects drawings and engineering plans as part of your application.

For a building notice on a specific project, all that is required is a completed application form your applicable fee. Building notices are more commonly used for small works such as DIY alterations.

Building Regulations Applications Cost and Process

Costs vary depending on the project and between local authorities. Building works to existing houses will cost around £110 to submit the plans and between £200 – £400 for required inspections which take place throughout the building project. Our expert teams will be up to date with the latest local authority requirements.

A building regulations approval application costs will be the same as a full plans application. You may however save money on drawings or plans if opting to apply for a building notice. MasterPro will advise you on whether you may still need drawings for a planning application or at least to obtain more accurate builders quotes. There are various factors taken into account, depending on the type of work you are planning. If you are unsure as to whether you need to apply for full planning permission or just a buildings notice, get in touch and talk to us about your project.

Please fill in our contact sheet, email us here: enquiries@mfbs.london, or simply call us on:  07888 854464. MasterPro will arrange a convenient time to view any work to be undertaken and advise you further.




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